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Everyday people around the world purchase NFT's. Some for a few cents, some for millions of dollars. Very few of these NFT's hold value outside of community speculation. Many communities soon move on to other projects and these NFT's lose value over night and become forgotten.

What if, the NFT came with a recommended sell price and after each sale, this recommended sell price increased. We do not expect continues growth forever, so to encourage the community to continue listing for recommended sell prices, and hold that value, imagine if developers rewarded those that had the NFT for sale, at the recommended price.  Kind of a staking system built on following pricing recommendations.





To good to be true? Lets find out..


We aim to strongly educate  NFT communities to always DYOR (Do Your Own Research) before spending any money on a NFT.

99% of NFT's are ONLY as valuable as the community buying them perceives them to be! 

Many developers that sell NFT packs and single NFT's make majority of their profits on pre-sales and initial drops / listings. The benefit to you as a holder of a projects NFT usually far outweighs the developers benefit. If the NFT's lose value, who loses?





How quickly can we climb the ranks? 


Can you follow simple rules for the benefit of yourself and fellow community member?

How much can you make?

How much risk will you take?


BUYER BERWARE: The only thing backing the value of NFSE NFT's is the COMMUNITY. Without the community these NFT's are worthless.

The rules are simple. Research. Buy. List as recommended. Sell.. maybe..  

Depend on the community to follow the rules. Depend on yourself to keep your risk low and profits high.


We want to run an experiment.


If you DYOR, sell at the recommended sell price, you profit. If you list at the recommended sell price and don't sell. you are rewarded..


Free initial NFT's means you benefit first, developers second. The way it should be.


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